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Spiritual awakening

Sacred place in Altaj

Seven years ago, my father moved into a nursing home and in connection with that the house was sold and we four siblings had to empty it of its contents. Among these fixtures were a variety of books. My father read a lot and several of the books were about philosophy and religion of various kinds from all over the world. We took the books that interested us and the rest were submitted to a bookshop in Stockholm. Among the books we took was one that one of my sisters took care of, The Shaman’s Circle. When she came to us a few weeks ago, she brought the book to me as she thought I should read it.

How things are connected in life

I have always marveled at how things fit together in my life. When I was on Vipassana meditation in the spring of 2008, I had a recurring visit to a monastery that was located to the east high up in a mountain range. I’ve always wondered where it was and if it really exists.

When you are on Vipassana meditation, you follow a fairly strict schedule. Every afternoon we had a longer teacher-led meditation. It was during this meditation that I spiritually visited this monastery for monks. Those of you who have read my book know that I had a lot of contact with my twin soul Huáscar during this period. He was there during this time, which was the reason for my visit the place every day. Or maybe I should say evening because in the monastery it was evening. At 22:00 the gates to the monastery were closed and it was Huáscar’s responsibility to do so. I always accompanied him through the great corridors of the monastery to the main gates.

Sacred place

The monastery was inhabited by monks who worked to help the earth and everything that lives on earth. The location was secret, only a few know it, e.g. the inhabitants of a nearby village. Which was told to me when I was visiting. The monastery was embedded in the mountain high up in a mountain range. Despite that, they had their own gardens outside with both fruit trees and vegetable beds. I remember e.g. that I saw a fruit tree that looked like an apple in bloom, although the flowers were light blue instead of pink. I always wondered where this wondrous place was and if it was real or if it only existed in my head.

Sacred place in the Altai mountain range

The Shaman’s Circle, which I am currently reading, is about a Russian psychiatrist who, due to various circumstances, ends up in Altai and comes into contact with an ancient belief that has survived among the indigenous population. Just like many other indigenous peoples around the world, they live in harmony with the nature around them. It can seem as a very simple life but under the surface they live a very rich spiritual life. In the book they mention that there is a holy place up in the mountain range. Nobody knows exactly where it is, but it is known that it is a very holy place.

Sacred place in Altai, can it be the same?

Since I know the time when I was in the monastery and the time here at home in Sweden, I know that the time difference is +6 hours. So six time zones to the east. It corresponds to the Altai Mountains. Could it really be a coincidence that I am there every day for ten days in the spring of 2008. Now fifteen years later I am reading about a holy place that really exists. At least, many people know about the place even if they don’t really know where it is. In that case, the mountain peak where the alleged holy place is located is called Belucha.

Sacred place in Altaj
Sunrise among the mountain peaks. Beautiful summer landscape, mountain lake, Russia, Siberia, Altai mountains, Katun ridge.
Sacred place in Altaj
Altai lies in the middle of the continental plate and in the middle of the border crossing between Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. A good place for sacred work on earth.
Change your life

Your thoughts are energy

At the beginning Mother Earth told me that I needed to learn how energies work. It started with me learning how our aura works, that it is made up of lots of energy threads that spin around our bodies. In our physical body there are seven chakras that control the flow of energy. Together they form our aura. There are auras around pretty much everything that exists and we are affected by those that come close to our own aura. It’s been many years since I learned this now and a lot of water has flown under the bridges since then.

If your thoughts are energy, how do they affect us?

I’m constantly learning new things. Something I have recently come to understand is that there is collective karma that can affect us negatively. The energies themselves are neither positive nor negative, energy is simply a movement. However, it is the case that everything we do and think creates energy and with the energy comes memories. If you have a negative thought, it follows the energy thread. This is why we can sometimes feel that someone is thinking badly of us without us having heard it.

Your thoughts can become clusters of energies

Some houses, cars, boats, etc. feel like they have a soul. If everything we do creates energy, then imagine a house that is created. All the people involved in building the house leave some of their energy there. Everyone who lives in the house leaves their mark and everything that happens in the house leaves its mark. Together, all these energy threads create a network of energies, an energy cluster.

A happy home

Some houses you enter you immediately feel “what a lovely house” and you instinctively feel that you feel good in the place. That house carries calm, happy energies. Energies that flow calmly without stagnation or entanglement. The exact opposite happens in a house where very tragic events have taken place. It becomes like a tangled ball of yarn where the energies cannot flow freely. We feel this and some more than others.

An unhappy place

Imagine that everything we do leaves its mark. What then, happens at a place where there has been a battlefield, for example? There can be many tangled bundles of energy that affect us. The same happens with the food we eat, if the food has not been grown with the heart but only for income and greed, it leaves a mark on the food which then affects our health.

Your negative thoughts can thus affect us negatively

Something I have recently learned is that some of these tangled skeins are karma from past events that become our shared heritage. Sometimes it happens that they attach to the aura of a person. You can protect yourself from these, but if you can’t do it yourself, there are talented people who work to help.

Protect yourself from energies in your surroundings

If you are good at visualizing, you can put yourself in an egg or similar. You can also ask your power animal for help to protect you. Feel what works for you. White light is pure love and it always protects us. Build your own force field through loving thoughts about yourself and others. The more you are in the moment and see everything with loving eyes, the stronger you become.

Nature has always protected us and grounding helps protect us. You can go out into nature, hold a tree or just visualize that you have roots that extend deep into the earth. If you cannot manage on your own, seek help.

Take responsibility for your thoughts

Since we create energy threads all the time just by thinking, we really need to learn to control our thoughts through mindfulness. We need to learn to choose our thoughts so that we avoid creating new energy clusters. By changing ourselves, we influence our surroundings for the better and in the long run, we can change our world.

Your thoughts are energy be aware, change your life too

Your thoughts are energy
Our thoughts create energy threads. A major event creates an entire cluster.
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Competition good or bad?

When I grew up in the 70s and 80s, Sweden had a mixed economy. All utility companies were owned and managed by the state, while most shops and service companies were private. So it wasn’t a capitalist society we lived in and competition wasn’t a big factor. Competition is linked to capitalism. The free market controls which goods and services are to be produced and at what price, which has both advantages and disadvantages. But competition has found its way into many places in our lives.

We compete for workplaces but also within the work, who should be promoted, for example. In sports, it’s mostly about competition and not so much about training and having fun at the same time. Even within the family, you can sometimes experience competition about things. So is competition good or bad for us?

Is competition good or bad for us?

Since waking up and starting to change my life, I’ve started looking at competition from a different perspective than I did before. Like the vast majority of people, I was raised to believe in competition and that it is good for us. Because, it favors our free will to decide for ourselves what to buy and do. That is, everything is about my own choices for how my life will be. That all my fellow human beings are possible competitors. As a trained economist from Business school, I have been trained in how to compete against other companies.

Today, I prefer to see my fellow human beings as possible partners. Because together we can create so much better things because we all have different abilities and skills. Together we are also stronger than if we stand alone. The competition benefits my ego and today I want to live with love for myself and my surroundings. It’s therefor hard to do if I’m going to see everyone as competitors. Competitors automatically become my enemies who threaten my success. Hence, if we are to live in peace, we cannot see each other as enemies.

The fall of capitalism, the fall of competition

If we are to be able to change our way of life, a way that benefits both ourselves and our earth, we cannot continue with capitalism. We cannot continue to produce a lot of goods that we don’t really need. Today we produce more and more, which our social structure requires us to do. As economist I learned that GDP must increase from year to year and to get an increased GDP more goods and services must be produced. I remember so well that during my training I thought that this is not sustainable in the long run. But, what can we do to change our lifestyle?

Every change starts with the individual, that is, with you. Review how you live your life today and what you can do to change. First, look at what products and services are necessary for you? Start by removing the ones that are easiest to remove and choose what benefits our earth the most because that is where our future lies. Choose what is most natural because it is back to nature we need to go.

A simpler life without competition

Choose to live a simpler life by surrounding yourself with things that you really need and that make you happy. In recent decades, we have gone from quite small and modest to unnessecary large. But we can reverse that trend again. You need a lot less than you think. I remember a survey I took part in in the early 90s. If we remove all unnecessary products and only have a couple of choices of each product to choose from, our production would go down a lot. From everyone working 8 hours 5 days a week, it would have been enough for everyone to work one day a week. That says a lot.

Living a simpler life can be very good because you have more time to create and socialize. Time for yourself and your family and friends. A simpler life does not mean a worse life. You only prioritize different, that is, what is important in life. Say you suddenly find yourself in a situation where life is put on hold, then you think about all the moments you missed with your loved ones, not about things you never needed.

Things don’t make you happier, it’s your relationships with family and friends and what you do with them that determines whether you’re happy or not. Change your life too. Together we can change the world.

Competition good or bad?
Competition exists in almost everything we do today. Instead, we can see each other as partners where we create together.
Change your life

No ownership, what does that mean?

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is what our ownership means to us and how it affects us. Especially since I received information about how we can live in the future. There we are managers of the land, not owners. The animals are free and own their own lives. No one has a job, but everyone works to preserve and take care of nature and reuse what is already there. So money is not needed. We grow and create what we need for our livelihood. Now play with the idea a little with me. What would it be like if nobody owned anything? Would it be possible?

No ownership of land

If no one owns any land but all land belongs to all of us and we manage it for the future without ownership, then we need no borders and we have nothing to defend. I know that the Indians in North America have reasoned in the past that you cannot own the land. Actually, it’s quite strange if you look at it from a longer perspective. We who live now do so for a very limited time from the earth’s perspective and those who have lived before us have no interest in the land left. However, those who come after us have a very great interest in the land and how it looks. It may even depend on whether they will be able to live at all.

Imagine we reincarnate, which I am convinced we do, then it is very important to take care of the land for the future or we no longer have anything to come back to. We also don’t know where we will return, which part of the earth we will live on in the future, so the whole earth is equally important. Therefore it should be important for us all who live now that we take care of the land for the future, regardless of where on earth we live and work.

Manager of the land

As I have got to know, we will live as managers of all that exists in nature without ownership, just as the Indians predicted. We are the spider in the web, so to speak, which means that we are the ones who hold things together and help nature maintain its natural balance.

Together we’ll live in a small areas in groups of a few tens of people. There we cultivate, create and use what we need for our livelyhood together. All animals live freely in nature. What we do is to assist and help them and the plants in different ways to maintain nature for the future. If we don’t feel comfortable in the group we live with or just want to see something new, we can wander between these groups at will. There is always room for visiting hikers and if there is someone who wants to stay longer, we all help out to build another house if there is nothing available. Thus, someone leaves and someone else comes. During the days, everyone is helped out in nature and with crops and the like.

No money needed if no ownership

Imagine this, if you don’t have a job and don’t own anything then, no money is needed either. We will live much simpler than we do today but our need for things, unnecessary things, will not exist either. Even if you live simply, it doesn’t have to be a bad life or a life without pleasure. We are not meant to go back and live in caves.

The big difference is that we create what we need ourselves, what we really need. If the knowledge for what we need is not in the group where we live, we will find it elsewhere. But, instead of buying someone else’s services or products, we exchange or simply invite the person in question to help us. Today we create a lot that we don’t really need. Some of the things are only there to run the society we have created. That is, things and services that are not really needed at all. We have a waste of resources that is absolutely enormous.

A life without demands

Imagine waking up one day without any demands from your surroundings. No employer who makes demands on you and no one who tells you what you have to do. If you want to take a day to hike, that’s okay or if you just want to play with the kids, you do. Maybe you want to stand and bake and cook for a whole day, then you do it. The only thing you know you need to do is help for your own survival, that’s good enough because here there is no society that makes demands on you.

If you don’t like where you are, you can always go hiking. You can try to live with some other people somewhere else on earth. Because the earth is your home and there are no boundaries or limitations. The important things in life are food for the day, clothes on the body and a roof over the head. This you can get wherever you are. Otherwise, life is about the people you live with, the animals you hang out with and the nature you stay in. We don’t need ownership for that. Nature is the most important thing we have above all, because it gives us what we need. As thanks for what it gives us, the only thing we need to do is manage it.

No ownership, a utopia?

Of course, this is very simplified. In my upcoming book I will go in depth and describe in more detail how we can live. From the way we live today, this seems like a utopia, but we can change the way we live and we need to change it if we are to continue living as humans on earth.

If we are to bring about a change, we need to start somewhere, and changes always start with ourselves. We create our own world, the world we want to live in. If you want to be part of changing the world, start by reviewing your own life. What can you do? Because we can all make changes. If you want help and advice along the way, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be more than happy to help you. It is only if we make changes in our lives that we can remove the question mark after a utopia.

No ownership
Through our own changes in our lives, we can create a new, brighter world.
Change your life

A life of solitude

Even though there have never been more people on earth than now, we have probably never felt as alone as now. Many people who live in big or small cities feel isolated and more or less abandoned. A loneliness that grows from generation to generation. What causes it and what can we do about it? Can we do something at all?

A life of solitude

I remember when I lived in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city with several hundred thousand inhabitants. Just like the vast majority of people, I lived in an apartment in a block of flats. There were few of my neighbors I got to know, none I hung out with and in some cases didn’t even saluted at. I consider myself to be quite a social person and have never really had a problem meeting new people or having trouble making friends.

Despite that, it wasn’t too rare that I felt very lonely in my apartment. When all my friends were busy with other things and I myself had nothing to do, then I involuntarily became alone at home in a small apartment. There were many people around whom I both heard and saw but they did not see me. In these moments I could sometimes feel abandoned. If you go out and sit alone in a cafe, you feel even more alone. Involuntary loneliness is not fun and can easily create depression.

A life of solitude in the countryside

When I took the step to move out of the city into the country, strangely enough, it wasn’t nearly as lonely. There were much less people but they saw me. I got to know the neighbors in a completely different way and socialized with them too. The times I am involuntarily alone in my house, I can only go out into nature, there I never feel alone.

A life without loneliness

Imagine a life where you are never alone, only by yourself when you need to and choose it yourself. Wouldn’t that have been perfect? What would it look like? Imagine that you live in a small village with a few tens of people. Each family has its own small house, but then you have community facilities where you can hang out together when you want. This was something that came to me last summer.

How we can live in the future. If you are a person who loves hanging out and being social, you can do it all the time. If you are the exact opposite, you can choose to be by yourself but without feeling alone and abandoned. The choice is free. Whatever happens to you in life, there are people around you who care about you and can support and help you through both joy and sorrow. All generations live together. The experience and wisdom of the elderly are taken advantage of, as is the curiosity and joy of life of the young.

A utopia but a possible future

The above scenario may sound like a utopia but could become reality if we want. What came to me described a completely different life than the one we are used to. A life without states, without borders, without societal requirements. A life where each individual lives freely according to their own needs and wishes. I know it can be hard to see that as a possible path but I have seen that path and it is possible.

A life where no one lives alone, only selected situations where you yourself are never alone.

A life of solitude
There is nowhere you can feel so alone as in a big city, despite all the people around you.
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The meaning of justice

According to Wikipedia, there is no universal definition of what justice is, but it is still encountered every day. I also feel that some people are more focused on justice than others. People who often bring up events from their own lives or from their surroundings that they consider unfair. We have a tendency to get caught up in injustice, but based on who and why?

What is the meaning of justice?

We have probably all felt unfairly treated at times. In recent years however, I’ve started to think more and more about what we really mean. A person I worked with initiated it. She expressed almost daily that something was unfair. I discovered that justice emanated from her first, then those closest to her, and from there the circle expanded more and more depending on what was involved. It extended from herself to her family, friends, work colleagues, acquaintances, the people of the city, region, country, etc.

The comparison always start from ourselves, our own values, when we express that something is unfair but, depending on who expresses it the justice/injustice is different. I’ll give you some examples.

Examples of what the meaning of justice is

There is about 25 to 30 students in a normal school class. All students are different and have different conditions because we are all unique individuals however, everyone must learn the same things in the same amount of time, according to the Education Act. The students have a goal to achieve during each grade.

He who has the hardest time learning in traditional ways will have a hard time keeping up. This person does not get as much help as he needs most of the time but, has to kindly stand back for the others in the class who also need help. That is unfair from that student’s perspective.

On the other hand, from a perspective of the student who has the easiest time in the class, it is just as unfair. This student does not receive sufficient stimulation. He often has to wait for the others in the class and soon becomes bored.

The meaning of injust salary

In a workplace where several people do the same job and they all have the same salary, there is injustice based on the fact that we work at different speeds. The person who works the fastest and gets the most done during the day is being treated unfairly. He should get more paid.

If you are in a workplace where the salary is set individually, there is guaranteed to be someone who thinks they are being treated unfairly. A person who thinks he is doing as good a job as everyone else but the boss doesn’t share the same opinion will not get the same raise as the others. He will therefore probably consider that he is being treated unfairly.

Does justice exist at all?

Since we are all unique individuals, we have different conditions, so you can’t really talk about justice or injustice. It depends from whose perspective you look at it. Instead we need to focus on how to meet the unique individual. We ought to have a different school system where we highlight each individual child’s unique characteristics and strengthen their abilities. They don’t need to learn exactly the same things. They won´t anyway.

There is a lot we can change regaring salaries but, it is always difficult.  The most important thing, however, is how you yourself manage your feeling. Your feeling of being treated unfairly.

The feeling of being treated unfairly

When you feel unfairly treated in various situations, it’s basically a feeling we’re talking about. That feeling is anyway always in comparison to others in your environment. If you stop comparing yourself to others and focus entirely on yourself instead, that feeling disappears more and more. Regardless, you are only responsible for yourself and you can only change yourself, no one else. Your focus should therefore always be on yourself, but we usually put ourselves in relation to our surroundings. Don’t forget, you are the most important person in your life.

The meaning of justice is thus a situation where you compare yourself to others instead of focusing on yourself

The meaning of justice
Sometimes we feel that the scales are tipped in the wrong direction and experience it as injustice.
Change your life

How to get a good immune system

First challenge and good immune system

A few days before the New Year, I fell ill with what I thought a common cold. My husband caught a cold and a couple of days later I felt that I had been infected but I seemed to be fine. I only felt it for a couple of days, but it never broke out. I became a little proud of what I have achieved in just a few years, that my immune system is strong enough to withstand a cold where I am exposed at close range. After all, we share the bed. A few days later, however, I fell ill. Was my immune system not so good then after all?

When I hadn’t gotten better again after a couple days, I started to suspect it was something else. This is probably no ordinary cold after all. I am also quite a lot sicker than my husband was. I’m starting to realize that I’ve probably been hit by another virus. Most likely my immune system was busy fighting off the cold virus from my husband when another virus came in that was probably more aggressive. Then it wasn’t so strange that my immune system couldn’t cope with everything at once. Yesterday the confirmation came, my husband got sick again. Now I was the one who infected him.

How to get a good immune system

Balance between good and evil

Having a strong immune system is not a given. We are designed to survive, but if we weaken the body through wrong lifestyle habits, we will be affected. Ever since I changed my lifestyle, I’ve gotten stronger and stronger and it’s not so common anymore that I get very sick. Sometimes, however, it can be good to be reminded of how fragile this balance is, and how important it is. The balance between what we expose the body to and how we keep it strong. A few days ago, I received a request about what changes I have made in my life. It’s not an easy answer, I thought, but this is what I want to convey and spread. Describing a change that has become a philosophy of life in just a few sentences was a challenge but this is a recurring question, so I need to be able to describe it in just a few words. Words that will then create curiosity to know more.

Second challenge

What we all need to understand is our origin, that we come from nature and must find our way back to our roots. There we find the answer to our riddles. For millennia, we have lived as if we were above nature and its laws. We are one with nature and always will be. In short, you can say that in five different areas, so far, in my life I have made changes to get closer to a more natural way of living.

The diet was among the first things I changed. Most of what most of us eat today is not natural food. Processed food, synthetic additives and medicines make up a large part of what most of us put into us today. The tragic thing is that when we have sabotaged our stomach and intestines, we also start reacting to what is natural for us. Today I eat an anti-inflammatory diet.

The second thing I changed was how I train. Since I used to have rheumatism, I needed to exercise to keep my body and joints moving so as not to get worse. For me, it led to stress. Work full time, take care of home, children and yourself. I couldn’t get my activity balance together and neither did anyone else who tried to help me. Today, I incorporate natural movement into my life as often as I can.

The third thing I changed was to eliminate stress, which is extremely harmful. To recover your strength after activity and find those things to do and places that give energy instead of taking. To work away worries and fears that create stress which destroy our lives.

The fourth thing I changed was fundamental to me. I began to listen inwardly to my own heart.  Who I am and what I want. Only I know my life path. Throughout my life I have followed what others have told me to do, family, friends, school, workplace and society at large.

Finally, I would also like to mention the importance of cleansing oneself. Detox the body, clean your thoughts both about yourself and about others and clean the environment from toxins that affect you.

New philosophy of life

All these changes have led me to create a new philosophy of life. Today I want to live in harmony with nature. It is the only sensible way to live for my health and for the earth as a whole. It is an ongoing process in constant change along with nature.

This is my way to learn about How to get a good immune system

good immune system

Change your life, Our wonderful world

Happy ending & Happy new year

The past year, 2022, has been a very eventful year in many ways. Much has happened around the world; the pandemic has continued to wreak havoc but in a new and milder form, war broke out in Ukraine and new elections to the Swedish Riksdag and government where we have again changed sides. But, something else has also happened that is much bigger, many more people have started to wake up. I have met people who suddenly begin to have spiritual connections and others who feel that nature is calling them. People who have changed almost overnight. Even though I myself have known it would happen for a long time, I am still amazed now that it is happening.


My life has come to change a lot in 2022. After being in teachings and working on my own with my spiritual development, I now took the step out. I have started to pass on all the knowledge that I have gained during pretty much the entire life but especially since 2007 when Mother Earth said she is my spiritual guide and teacher. Getting to meet other awakened people has given me the support I’ve been missing all these years, but I’ve also received confirmation of what I’ve learned but in a completely different way than I previously received. I have been amazed that there are quite a few of us who, in different ways, have acquired the same teachings about how we can live in a much better way. Also that the earth is about to raise its frequencies so that we can ascend into a higher dimension. My own development has taken quantum leaps in development this year. My emotions have been on a roller coaster ride but oh what a difference it makes in life when you raise your frequencies. Fear and worry don’t feel as bad or nasty as before, which means that I have found an inner peace and security that I can only hope I pass on to the rest of you until you have found it yourself.


At the beginning of the year, I thought that my book “She calls me daughter” would be the focus. However, it gradually turned out that it would be about my development and what I can give and convey to others. It began when, upon request, I started coaching people who wanted personal advice to change their way of life. People who, like me, want to live in a more natural way that is in better harmony with the rest of the world, that is, all the plants and animals that we coexist with. Advice on everything from diet to how the puzzle of everyday life can work and still live in a more positive way for all of us.   When we then got a bit into the spring, I discovered during a meditation that I have knowledge from before how to heal the etheric body and discover the karma that got stuck in it. That work has led me to discover what a wonderfully magical world we live in. All the etheric beings that are around us and help us during our time on earth as physical beings, because basically we are all etheric beings of various types. Everything I’ve been able to “see” and experience through all of you that I’ve had the pleasure of healing has been magical in itself. I have also encountered many tragic events from the past that settled like shadows in our etheric bodies. However, these must come to light so that we can process, understand why we carry anger and fear that cannot be connected to anything we know. In this understanding lies a healing and in connection with lifting an event or a trauma to the surface, we can release the energy threads that have kept us in that event. The Incas would call it soul retrieval.


This summer I married the man I met in the spring of 2010. A long-awaited wedding that turned out even better than I had dared to hope for. Our wedding and nuptials have been blessed, as I think all our guests can attest. We had invited those closest to us, but I also invited all the spirits I had met during my life. It was magical.Autumn has led me on new tracks in the form of guiding and helping others to communicate with the nature spirits and nature beings that exist in our surroundings. I remember so well when I came to the course in Stockholm so many years ago where I was to be initiated paqo (Inca priestess/shaman). How I came to the realization that I could communicate with the spirit world and who it was I communicated with and had done throughout my life, completely unknowingly. I want to give that feeling to others. It is so easy to think that only certain individuals can do that. However, we are all spiritual beings and as such we all have the ability. We are just different far from it and wake up at different rates. If I can help some people experience it for themselves, I would love to.


2022 has now come to an end and I can only state that a lot has happened. Being able to help others accelerates my own development. I myself have processed and taken care of a lot of old things. Let go of things that keep me in a society and a way of life that I no longer fit in with. We must all go through that development. It is necessary for us to be able to bring about a change in society as a whole. It has gone fast for me but will probably go even faster for you. The higher energies spin faster, and everything goes faster. A new year is already approaching. We do not yet know what 2023 holds in its womb. The only thing I know so far is that I will have a retreat in South Africa that I know in my heart and soul will be transformative. I have now let go of the book and let the spirit world take care of it. I myself will continue the track I am now on, I listen to both my guides but also to you what I should do. I am at your disposal when you ask for my help or want me to come to you, just ask me. I have always found it difficult to price one’s own services and even more so services dealing with the good and bad of the earth that should be free. I have now been told that I will take € 40 per hour. With that, I wish you all a real

Happy Ending & a Happy New Year 2023!


Honeymoon to Madeira

The surprise

The trip to Madeira was special in many ways. It started with us ending up in a hotel, which we had booked ourselves, which was under all criticism. You really have to look to find a shabbier place. We found most things that you don’t want to find in a hotel room and then you should know that it was marked with three stars. Normally, neither I nor my husband are particularly demanding. You don’t stay in a hotel room that much, it’s mostly a place to store your stuff and sleep in. We love to discover the places we go to. However, we moved to a five-star hotel the day after arrival, which we did not regret.

We have probably never been so surprised. My husband mentioned in passing to the travel company we went with that we were there on our honeymoon and wanted a better standard than what we initially got. If it costs us extra, it’s worth it. Most likely they have then told the hotel. What happened was the following; the hotel upgraded our room from partial sea view to full sea view, they had decorated the room with swans on the bed and rose petals strewn all over the bed and bedside tables.

In the evening, the room service came with a bottle of sparkling wine and chocolate-dipped strawberries with a greeting from the hotel management. I would have liked to have seen the expressions on our faces. The next day when we got up from breakfast there was a bottle of red wine with a greeting from the girls who worked on site for the travel company. We felt very surprised and very grateful.

The excursions

As I mentioned above, both my husband and I enjoy discovering the place we visit so we tried a little bit of each. Asked around what to see and do both the hotel staff who live on the island and those who sell excursions locally. We were, among other things, on a hike quite high up in the mountains at about 800 meters above sea level. We walked about 13 km in sun, fog and rain. When we arrived at the end of the walk we were completely soaked and cold and just wanted to go back to the hotel where we warmed up in the hot pool and sauna.

There are two botanical gardens on site. One that is at a higher altitude, about 800 meters above sea level, and a slightly smaller one that is at half that altitude. Monte, which is at the top, was very beautiful with many ponds, small waterfalls and tropical plants. The lower one was not nearly as attractive. Both gardens can be reached via a long cable car, which is an excursion in itself.

Madeira which is a volcanic island consists only of mountains that go right down to the sea. One day we went on a jeep safari around the entire eastern side of the island and went, among other things, up to the second highest peak on the island, which is about 1800 meters above sea level. The highest peak on the island is just over 2,000 meters. As high as the highest mountain in Sweden; Kebnekaise. It says a lot about this small island that you can go around in a day. That tour also included rum tasting made from their own sugar cane plantations. Maybe not the best rum we’ve tried but still.

We were also downtown in Funchal, both the newer parts and the old town. There is much to discover and see here. During our stay, the city was lit up on the evening of December 1, as is done every year. The Christmas lights and decorations they have were absolutely amazing. We haven’t seen anything like it so far.

Last day on the island, we rented a car to look around on our own, places we hadn’t yet seen. One of these places was Nuns Valley, a small village located inside the crater of the volcano. The volcano has not erupted for a very long time, so it is completely cold, but the crater is no less conspicuous for that.

Nature spirits on site

True to my habit, I always try to get in touch with the place’s nature spirits to get a deeper feeling for the place and learn more about the history. I was a bit puzzled when I saw the island’s guardian spirit in the form of a feminine figure similar to the island. I feel that she is asleep and tries to wake up to answer me but can’t. And I didn’t get in contact with any other nature spirits on site either. At the same time, both my husband and I felt that there was an enormous peace over the island, something that permeated everything and everyone who was there, even us tourists. Even the city pigeons felt peaceful. They were not at all perched as they might otherwise be.

On our levada walk (hiking) I communicated with Mother Earth and asked her some questions about the island. She showed me that the island has always been like a protected zone. During the Cretaceous period when the dinosaurs lived, there were small, peaceful, herbivorous dinosaurs. Sometimes there was the occasional raptor-like dinosaur that found its way out from the mainland and kept the population down, but no one ever settled there.

Way back there was also a kind of people who lived there but only for a short time. When modern man learned to make his way across the world’s oceans, it happened that they stopped on the island, but no one settled there. Vikings have also stayed there, she said.

The most interesting thing, however, happened during the day up in Nuns Valley. As I walked on the edge of the crater and looked down at the village far below, on my way back to the car and my husband, I suddenly heard Mother Earth say clearly that this is an important place of power and that I must remember it as it will be significant for the future. Just that, nothing else.

It was a trip we won’t forget for several reasons. I will definitely remember the appreciation that was shown to us and above all I must remember Nuns Valley, the important place for the future, the only question is for what.